Taking the Plunge with Age of Sigmar

Back in 2015 when Age of Sigmar was released, I have to honestly say that I didn’t give it the warmest reception. I played a handful of games, at my local club and store, and really could not get on with the game. Maybe the issue was with the fact that I had been so invested in the Old World lore, maybe it was that the “points” system in the game was simply each player taking an equal number of models. Either way, the game back then wasn’t for me.

I kept playing WHFB with my old armies. Despite selling off my Empire and Lizardmen to fund Bolt Action models and a new guitar amp, I kept hold of my beloved Dwarf army, as well as my small Skaven force, picking up games whenever somebody at the local club was willing. Over this time, very little caught my interest from Age of Sigmar, although thats not to say nothing did; The Nighthaunt are a stunning set of minis, the Gloomspire Gitz feel like a very natural and welcome progression for the Night Goblins, and the Endless spells are simply a very cool concept, much nicer than simply using a counter to mark the old remains in play spells. None of these were enough to draw my attention though, until recently.

When the Cities of Sigmar book came out, I initially dismissed it as I assumed it was just a freshly copyrighted empire battletome. When I spoke to the manager of my local GW however, who after nearly 10 years really knows how to sell things to me, I found out that many of the old dwarf units would be available in the book! This was certainly a big deal to me, and after chatting for an hour or so, with the store copy of the book and a quick tutorial of the core Age of Sigmar rules, I left the shop with this little haul.

The Gaming book itself serves as an excellent little rulebook, sacrificing the huge lore and hobby sections that were part of the WHFB rulebooks that I know so well, in favour of supplying core rules at a more than reasonable price. The hardback Cities of Sigmar Battletome feels just like the Army Books that I’m used to, even if it does contain both Elves and Dwarves, and in addition, I was lucky enough to find one of the very last sets of the Warscroll Cards, long after they had sold out online.

So far I have only skimmed the books over, but I’m honestly quite excited to be trying out a new game system, especially when it finally fulfils my age old dream of my dwarfs being allowed to use steam tanks! Once I have decided on a basic army list, I will share it here, and then swing down to the store or club, where hopefully a more experienced AoS player will be willing and able to guide me along a little. And that’s the story of how a single book release with no new models was able to convert a diehard WHFB player to AoS! So keep a lookout here for plenty of AoS content in the future!


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